The following were the proposals for Georgia DTAE. They were developed by Dwight Watt. The TCCs were a conslidation project with these proposals by him and the degree and diploma standard proposals were his consolidating and including several years of proposals of changes to the programs.

TCC Consolidation proposals

PC Repair
PC Repair 3/20/2006
PC Repair Technician 6/13/2006
PC Repair Specialist 5/10/2006
CompTIA A+ Certified Technician Preparation 5/10/2006
*Computer-Service 5/10/2006
Help Desk Specialist 5/15/2006
Help Desk Assistant 6/13/2006
*Customer Service-Help Desk Support Specialist 6/13/2006
Cisco CCNP Specialist 6/13/2006
Cisco Network Specialist 5/27/2006
Network Administrator 5/10/2006
Network Technician 5/27/2006
Advanced Network Administrator 6/13/2006
Microsoft Windows Network Specialist 5/10/2006
CompTIA A+/Network Certified Technician 5/10/2006
Linux/UNIX System Administrator 5/10/2006
Linux/UNIX System Specialist 5/10/2006
Solaris System Administrator 5/10/2006
Cisco Security Professional 5/10/2006
*Novell Netware Technician 5/15/2006
*Network Security Specialist 5/15/2006
*Data Cabling Specialist 5/15/2006
*CITRIX Specialist 5/15/2006
*Security and Wireless Networking Technician 5/27/2006
Application Software
Microsoft Office Application Specialist 5/27/2006
Microsoft Word Application Specialist 5/10/2006
Microsoft Excel Application Specialist 5/10/2006
Microsoft Access Application Specialist 5/15/2006
Microsoft Office Application User 6/7/2006
Microsoft Word Application User 5/10/2006
Microsoft Excel Application User 5/16/2006
*Document Design and Production 5/10/2006
Internet Specialist
Web Site Designer - Advanced 5/10/2006
Web Site Fundamentals 5/15/2006
Web Site Design Specialist 5/27/2006
E-Commerce Site Designer Assistant 5/15/2006
E-Commerce Site Designer Advanced 6/7/2006
Visual BASIC Programmer 5/10/2006
Java Programmer 5/10/2006
C++ Programmer 5/10/2006
*RPG Programmer 5/16/2006
Database Administrator 4/24/2006
Database Management Assistant 4/24/2006
Video Production Assistant 5/15/2006
*Multimedia Programmer 6/12/2006
*Digital Publishing Specialist 5/15/2006
*Animation and Game Design Specialist 5/15/2006
*Game Development Specialist 5/15/2006
*Digital Illustration and Imaging Specialist 5-27-2006
*Computer Forensic and Investigation Specialist 5/15/2006
Information Security 6/13/2006
IT+ Specialist 5/15/2006

* Only one certificate offered at one college

Proposed Probes 2006 (Degree and Diploma)

Network Specialist Final Draft 3/12/2006
Database Specialist Final Draft 3/12/2006
Internet Specialist - e-Commerce Final Draft
Internet Specialist - Web Applications and Services Final Draft 3/12/2006
Internet Specialist - Web Administrator Final Draft 3/12/2006
Information Security Specialist Final Draft 3/12/2006
Internet Specialist - Web Site Design Final Draft 3/12/2006
Microcomputer Specialist Final Draft 3/12/2006
Computer Programming Final Draft 4/20/2006
E-Commerce Web Programming Final Draft 3/12/2006

11-13-2006 DW

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