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The following are some pictures I have taken over the years.

You can view many of my pictures at dwightwatt.shutterfly.com

Dam at Lake Thurmond Spring 1999

Taken at Long Cane Creek on Clarks Hill Lake (now Lake Thurmond) in the early 1980s

Daffadils in the trash in the early 1980s

Daffadils in the woodpile

Pictures from my month long trip out west in July 2011

Pictures from my trip to China with Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education in 2005
     Day 1
     Day 2
     Day 3
     Day 4
     Day 5
     Day 6
     Day 7
     Day 8
     Day 9
     Day 10
     Day 11
     Day 12
     Day 13
     Day 14
     Day 15

Pictures from my 2007 ski trip

Pictures from my parents' 50th wedding anniversary November 2002

Pine Tree Festival 2008 Swainsboro GA


Pictures from cruise with my uncle's family June 2009 to Key West and Nassau from Jacksonville

Trip to Kansas 2010

ArtsEmanuel 2010 Swainsboro GA 9-25-2010

Pictures of Dwight as a 1996 Olympic Torchbearer

Brazil Mission Trip Pictures

Sapelo Island Trip Pictures

Pictures from my trip to Kiwanis International Convention in Hawaii in July 2005
     Day 1
     Day 2
     Day 3
     Day 4

My grandfather's drug store(taken by my Uncle Sam)

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