Dwight Watt Tech Tip 6 - 1-16-2005

E-mail Forwarding

Have you ever received e-mails forwarded by others and had to read through a whole bunch of information at the front that told you everyone that had forwarded this e-mail for generations back? If so you probably were not as interested in the message when you found it finally, as if you could have just read the message.

To keep your friends from having the same problems with e-mails you forward them, clean the message first. This is really not difficult or time consuming. After you have chose to forward, but before you hit SEND, go thru and highlight all the old information on the front of the message and press the delete key. Then go to the end of the message and do the same on all the trailers (usually ads for the e-mail systems used and the senders signatures) and delete them.

This will make your forwarded e-mails much cleaner and you will find people more likely to read. However if you are replying to an e-mail, do leave their message in there so they will remember what you are replying to.


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