Dwight Watt Tech Tip 4 - 1-16-2005

E-mail BCC

When you get e-mails that were forwarded to a number of people have you ever not been happy with having to go thru a long list of names before you found the message? There is a easy solution for you not to do this to people you send e-mails to.

Use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) feature to send the e0-mioals. In the TO: line put your e-mail address (that way you will actually only show your e-mail address and no on e else’s). Realize that this will make the e-mail appear a little strange as it is sent from you to you.

Now in the BCC: line put the addresses of everyone you re sending it to. The BCC entry will allow sending it to everyone but only the TO: name and their name will appear on the e-mail message.

If the BCC: choice does not appear, then you may need to set option for it to appear. In Outlook Express when you start composing the message go to TOOLS and then choose ALL HEADERS and the BCC option will appear.

Now your friends will more readily read your e-mails since they will not have to wade thru list of everyone you sent it to.


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