Dwight Watt Tech Tip 3 - 1-16-2005


Spyware is a broad group of software that most people do not like on their PC. Originally it was software that would record what a person did so another person could look at a trail and see what first person had done. If you have spy ware on your machine or think you do here are several pieces of software you can use to remove it. If you have been connected to the Internet you probably have spyware on your machine. Some of the latest versions of the anti-virus programs will help prevent spyware from infecting your machine.

To get rid of Spyware and to prevent it there are a number of programs you can buy in retail; stress including discount stores and office supply stores.

If you merely want to clean the spywrew off your PC I suggest The address to download Adaware (www.lavasoft.de) and Spybot Search and Destroy (http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html). Both are free for personal use and only Adaware charges for commercial use. Be sure you update the signatures each time you use it.

If you have the about:blank spyware on your PC (will appear as a webpage that always pops up when you go in your browser with a name in the location of “about:blank”, then the best software I have found is CWS Shredder. You can download this at http://www.intermute.com/spysubtract/cwshredder_download.html This is free to use to clean your machine.

You will need to regularly (at least once a month) run these spyware cleaning programs to keep your machine clean. Just like if you wash your car today, you will need to wash it again in a few weeks to keep it clean.


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