Dwight Watt Tech Tip 1 - 10-20-2004

Virus Protection

In today's world you need to have an anti-virus program, running on your computer to prevent viruses or clean existing ones. An item often overlooked by people is the necessity of updating the program and it's virus signature files. Numerous new viruses are appearing weekly so if your program is several years old or your signatures are more than a month old you have very little protection, essentially none. The various anti-virus programs call the updates differently, but they are all updates. Make sure you download updates every few weeks, if not more often. Most of the anti-virus program,ms only provides updates for a year so either buy a new program each year or pay to renew the update/subscription plan. I have found numerous machines with lots of infections people thought were protected but the signatures were only current to 1998 or 200 or 2002. Keep the signatures up to date.


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