Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #96 3/16/2011

Question: How do I find a group in Facebook?


Groups are neat ways in Facebook for real groups to exchange information, messages and pictures relating to their group. Looking for groups is just like looking for a person in Facebook.

In the Search box at the top of your screen type in the name of the group or organization you are looking for. As you type Facebook will usually begin searching and keep narrowing the search as you go and will be displaying results. If it is a real unique name you may not have to type much but if not unique then you may have to type whole name and look thru results for the right group.

I went to find the page for Fort Oglethorpe Kiwanis and typing just fort ogl gave me their page. Then just click on the name in the list and you will go to their page. Depending on how the group privacy setting are setup you may be able to see everything or you may see limited information until you become a member or friend of the group.

You will become a member or friend of the group by clicking LIKE at the top and or if it is a private group you will see a Request to Join button in the search results.

There are lots of groups on all kinds of subjects in Facebook. Some are small groups from a real life group and some are just people with common interests on Facebook.

These directions will also work for finding individuals on Facebook.