Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #94 3/2/2011

Question: What is XPS Document Writer in printing?


What is XPS Document Writer in printing?

XPS Document Writer is a choice you get in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 products when printing.

XPS Document Writer produces a document that is not in a format for a specific printer but fro many printers. It is similar to Acrobat PDF documents in trying for universality but is Microsoft’s product. Microsoft had hopes it would replace Acrobat PDF documents, but Acrobat PDF has been established and most people recognize and there is a free Acrobat Reader available to open the PDF file and view.

The nice one on the XPS file produced is that it will open in Internet Explorer. It appears as a printed page and will be consistent. You could go to using the XPS files, but some people will not recognize they are XPS Microsoft documents.

XPS is XML Paper Specification and XML is a open programming language that files created in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 use by default. These are the files that now have a x on the end of eth extension like docx or xlsx

Most people have chosen to stay with PDF as it is universally recognized and almost everyone now has at least the Acrobat Reader on the computer.