Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #93 2/23/2011

Question: How do I create a group in Facebook?


Groups in Facebook are really useful fro groups to have their own pages and exchange information. Group pages are good for clubs and other organizations, groups of friends, students working on a project together, people in a business on a shared project and others.

Currently the location for the entry to create Groups is on the left side of your Facebook page and is labeled Create Groups. You can also go to Help and then look how to create Groups and there is a link to create your Group.

You will then need to name your group, make it something that describes your group, for instance I just created a group for the Run for God group I belong to at First Baptist and I called it LaFayette FBC Run for God. Then you will be prompted to enroll members. They need to be people who are your Facebook friends at this point. Once you create the group, people who are not your Facebook friends can request to join. At a minimum put your name (you use their Facebook names).

You can choose to have an open, closed or secret group. Open groups anyone can see members and content, closed non-members only see who are members and secret groups non-members just see the name and description of the group.

You will then click Create and the group is created. You can then go in the group and edit info to create a description. You will mange the group like your Facebook page where you can approve member requests like Friend requests on your regular page.

Groups in Facebook can be a powerful tool for your regular life groups.