Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #9 5/27/2009

Question: How do I stop getting so many messages in Vista asking permission to copy , paste or do other stuff?

Answer: These are the result of the UAC (User Account Control) that have been added as part of way that Microsoft has made Vista more secure and to try to prevent you from accidentally doing things that may be harmful. You will get these when Vista tries to install programs (to make sure you are installing it and not a virus) or when you copy and paste to keep from viruses, etc. from possibly damaging your documents.

However they are irritating to many people and Microsoft says that we will see less of these messages in Windows 7 when it arrives in the fall. Many organizations have policies set that you cannot disable these on your office computers. However if it is your personal computer and you want to disable them here are the steps. Just keep in mind you are now at risk of malware installing programs easier on your machine or yuou not getting asked before you make mistakes if you really meant to make it.

You have to be either Administrator or an administrator type user (given administrator rights). Normally you cannot logon as Administrator in Windows XP or higher in normal mode, just in Safe Mode.

Follow this list:
Choose Start
Click Programs
Click Accessories
Click Run
click OK
click Tools
highlight (select) Disable UAC
click Launch
you will see a Command prompt box (DOS type) run and when you get the message saying completed, restart (reboot) Windows.

UAC is now turned off.

The above procedure fully turns off UAC. Doing the UAC turn off in Users in Control Panel only disables some parts.

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