Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #89 1/19/2011

Question: I bought a new PC and it wants me to make restore disks.


You should make the restore disks it asks you if you want to make when you first start a new PC. Not all PCs and laptops have this feature.

The restore disk will make a copy of what comes on the PC/laptop so that is anything happens to it later it will be simple to get the PC/laptop to the way it was when it was new. Your disks can get damaged or malware could do real harm to it. Having the restore disks makes it easy to repair. You will need several blank CD-R CDs to store the information on. They are available at Wal-mart, office supply stores and computer stores among others.

In the past manufactures included the repair CDs with the PC/laptop already on CD. However over the last few years we have seen the instruction manuals disappear, the setup CDs or way in past the set diskettes disappear and the assumption is that people will get all this stuff off the disk.

Regrettably many people don't make the CDs until something goes wrong and it is too late. Usually they can be gotten from the manufacturer but they charge for them and it takes a while to get delivered. Very seldom are they available to be downloaded as the Windows has sometimes been pirated.

If you get a new PC/laptop, then I strongly encourage you to make the restore CDs and label them and then store them somewhere you remember where they are if you have computer problems. The directions are normally very simple leading you thru as they know you may be complete novice.

Thanks Mary Ellen for the question.