Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #88 1/12/2011

Question: Can I listen to foreign TV stations on my computer?


Yes you can watch different stations in different countries through the Internet on your PC. Basically you will need a broadband connection (DSL or cable most common) but not dialup.

You can search on the Internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) for foreign TV stations. I have found many of the sites let you watch for free but some sites charge.

One site that I have tries and seems to work well is http://beelinetv.com They have stations for a number of different countries and languages. I found some of the stations work just like regular TV and some others seem to be broken up on what you were receiving. I looked at some German and Spanish stations there.

The Internet has come along way now and being able to listen to TV on it from other countries makes our world a little smaller. Also for those who lived in other countries can now keep in better contact and still feel a connection to the other places.

This was a question sent to me from a lady who grew up in Germany but has been in the USA for many years and now she can see some of the shows her family back there sees.