Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #79 11/3/2010

Question: Should I upgrade to AVG 2011?


If you are using AVG as your antivirus/antispyware (anti-malware) program then you need to upgrade. If you are using the free version the installation will lead you thru the steps to upgrade to 2011. I have done the upgrade and the steps are straight forward and clear. They will suggest getting the paid version or the complete AVG suite which includes a firewall (you pay for the suite) but the steps are clear on how to stay free.

If you are using the paid version the steps should be similar.

If you are not currently using an anti-malware sorfware on your computer, AVG is one of several I suggest and it is free. If you do not use an anti-malware program on your computer it is not a question if you will get viruses and spyware, but when and usually pretty quick. Viruses and spyware will affect the performance on your computer, can cause you to lose data and can expose you to stuff you may not want to see and can expose what you have on the PC to others.

The upgraded version of AVG (most anti-malware programs upgrade annually) includes a program better designed to catch today’s malware and has the latest virus signatures. If AVG does this upgrade like normal early next year if you have not upgraded to 2011, you will no longer be able to get the latest signatures.

I strongly encourage everyone to have current anti-malware software (programs) on their PC