Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #78 10/27/2010

Question: How do I put a talk I gave that is on a CD on to my computer?


If the CD was done as a data CD the file on the CD will be a file (probably either .mp3 or .wav) and that can be copied from the CD just like other files on disks in your computer.

If the CD was created as a music or audio CD (designed for playing in CD players) then it will take a few more steps to get the information in a regular file on your computer. You can use either Windows Media Player or a program like Free Rip (free program at freerip.com

To get the file off the CD and in .wav or .mp3 format in Windows Media Player put the CD in the drive and start Windows Media Player. Check the sections you want converted and saved on your computer or it will do all of them. Choose the Rip menu and chose Format and then the format you want it in on your computer.

In the Options choice on the Rip menu you can choose the location the files are stored to. The default location is to C:\users\\music

The files are now on your computer to use.

Remember if it is copyrighted material you must have permission to make copies beyond what is allowed in your license .