Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #68 8/11/2010

Question: How do I attach a picture to my Hotmail messages?


You will add attachments such as pictures to your message by clicking the Attachment button.

You will then get a Windows browse box and look in it going to the appropriate folder for the picture or document. Choose the picture or document and then press Open. You will then be back at your message and you can finish do the address, the subject line and typing your message. Then do Send.

These directions will work essentially for any e-mail program. In all cases you want to browse using the program to find the attachment. Just typing in the name in the open box or the box for the name of the attachment will not work as the computer will not know where it is located. That would be like telling me where you live by telling me just your house number but not telling me the street or city.

When you send attachments be aware there are limitations. Some e-mail programs (sender and receiver) will only allow attachments up to a certain size. The programs will often not allow you to receive or send files with certain extensions that may contain viruses like .exe Also know what type connection your recipient uses for the Internet. If they are still on dialup they probably will not appreciate pictures.

Sending attachments is a wonderful way to share pictures and documents.