Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #54 5/5/2010

Question: How do I setup a Facebook page?


Setting a Facebook page up is not difficult. Facebook is a wonderful social media that allows people to stay in contact with others. The others who you allow to view your page are called friends. When someone asks to be a friend you can choose to either accept them or not to. You can also choose to allow anyone on Facebook to view the Wall (where people write items to you for others to see and you write to everyone) or to allow only friends to see your wall. Messages, as opposed to writings on the wall, only are viewable by the person sent to and the person who sent it. Be careful what you put on the wall.

To create a Facebook page go to www.facebook.com The first page will ask you for your name, your e-mail address your sex and your birthdate and for you to create a password. You should put your real birthdate but be aware this is where people present themselves different than they really are, they can give a much younger age and wrong sex. You will have an opportunity to not show your age and sex and other info.

You will then have to type in some letters. They are there to make sure a human is doing this registration.

You will then go thru some setup steps. The first is choosing Friends. Note on each of these pages you can click skip at bottom instead of doing. The next is interests and you can skip this. You can do the profile and upload a picture or skip that.

You have a Facebook page now, once you respond to the e-mail you will have received.

My next suggestion is click on Profile at top and you can change a few settings. If you skipped the profile steps you can enter or correct here at any time. The little pencils at end of lines allow you to change information. Click on the pencil by Information on the left and you can it not to show your birthday or you can change how it shows by clicking Edit Information. Then click on edit on the line About Me. Note you can change how birthday shows (month/day/year or month and day or not show). The same for sex and relationships. If you want your sex showing or relation you can or you can have it not show.

In Account (at top right) and choosing Privacy settings you decide who (your friends, or friends of friends or everyone on Facebook) is allowed to view different stuff on your page. You can change your Account and Profile settings at any time.

You can then go to your page at anytime by going to facebook.com and logging in with your e-mail address and password you created. Facebook is a wonderful way to find old/former friends and stay in touch with people. I know people at all ages using it.

Thanks to the Swainsboro class of 1980 for suggesting this question.