Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #498 4/22/2020

Question: Are texts about I was exposed to COVID real?


More than likely no, just like similar emails.

The threat agents (aka as phishers, scam artists, etc.) are now sending texts and emails to take advantage of our fears of COVID or coronavirus.

The newest I have seen are short simple messages saying you have been exposed to the virus (using which ever name they elect) by someone and that you need to click on the link for more information.

You will not get a text or email like that from a legitimate organization. These have no information in them about coming from an organization, but I am sure they will start to.

If you get one do not click on the link, just like in any other email or text you were expecting. More than likely if you click it, one of to things will happen.

First is the more likely and that it is a phishing (remember computer phishers are trying to catch you, just as fishers try to catch fish) email and it will start asking for your personal identity information so they can then get in your bank accounts and credit cars and take all money and run your credit/debit card up.

Second is it could be a ransom ware attack and they will encrypt all your data on the computer and demand pay to unlock/decrypt it.

If you do click link and enter any info call the police to report and call your bank and credit cards and report ASAP.

If the text or email did claim to be from an organization and you wonder if true, donít click the link still. Look up the phone number for the hospital or organization (donít use a phone number listed in the email/text) and ask and they can tell you if legitimate and provide information.

Be careful and be safe on the Internet. We are all using it a lot more now with work at home and classes on all levels being online now. Remember the same safety rules as before this current environment and still practice them. The bad guys are still trying to get our money.