Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #48 3/10/2010

Question: I am retired, should I get a Facebook page?


Yes, you should definitely consider it. Facebook offers a way to make contact with a lot of people. On Facebook the people that you connect with and share with are called Friends. You have the opportunity to connect with a lot of people you want to connect with.

Think of these Friends like your real friends. Facebook will ask you if you want people to become your Friends. You do not have to accept them all, and I would recommend you always look. You will have friends from many years past find you and if you accept them as a Friend, you can start corresponding with them. Others may be recent friends or your grandchildren or even their friends.

It gives you an opportunity to enlarge your social life.

You will get Friend invitations form people you do not know and I would suggest either declining to be Friends or just don't accept or reject and they remain in a non-Friend state. So if someone you don't want to talk with asks to be your Friend, you can do just like in real life, say no, or do nothing and they are not your Friend.

Facebook has both a news feed you can post comments on and a message area. The two are different. The news feed wall anyone that is able to access your area will be able to see. This means all of your Friends and depending on the settings you use, may mean all of your Friends Friends. The message area comments are just visible to you and the person you send them to, just like regular e-mail.

I have had high school and college friends find me and a number of former students.

You can also play a number of games on Facebook like Farmville, which many do and there are others who do not touch the games.

Thanks Lois and David for this week's question.