Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #46 2/24/2010

Question: How do I stop the secure page message in IE?


In Internet Explorer when you go to browse a secure page that also has some items that are not handled securely you get a message asking whether you want to view the insecure items. Prior to IE 8, the question was whether you want to view the insecure items and now in IE 8 it is whether you want to view only the secure items, which changes the answer. Most people are ok with viewing it all.

To prevent those messages from appearing, and thereby viewing insecure and secure items on a page automatically, do the following:
Open Internet Explorer
Click on Tools
Choose Internet Options.
Go to the Security tab.
Select Internet Zone
Click on Custom level
Look for the Miscellaneous group
Look for Display Mixed Content option
Click the radio button of Enabled.
Click OK twice

Now you will no longer get the insecure content messages in Internet Explorer.