Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #45 2/10/2010

Question: Can Vinyl LPs be transferred to the PC and burned on CDs?


Yes you can copy your vinyl LPs (or record albums at any speed or tapes) to the computer. Vinyl LPs and cassette tapes were what music was recorded on before CDs. 78s were the early version of records and date to the 30s thru the 50s.

There are several ways available. If you still have a turntable you can connect the amp line out to line in on the PC and use a recording program to record the LP. You can also get a device that will allow you to hook the line out of the amp to it and then run USB in the computer. I have done both ways and much happier with the second. The other alternative is to hire someone to convert your records for you.

You can also buy a turntable or cassette deck that has USB output on it to feed in by the USB connection in the computer. ION makes both of these. I am using the tape deck.

These items are available at a number of locations including DAK.com, NewEgg.com, TigerDirect.com and others. Usually a search for lp to PC will find them on the site. You could also Google (or search in another search engine) and find other offers. If you look on eBay you may find them also. They usually include the software you need and scratch hiss removal software.

78s can be transferred also. DAK sells a product I have used successfully and does not require a 78 turntable, You record at 45 and then run thru their conversion program and it changes speed accordingly.

If you have a number of LPs, 45s, cassette tapes or 78s lying around this may be an alternative for you. It is not a fast process as basically you have to listen at regular speed to everything, edit them (to separate tracks to separate songs, I have not had much success with the programs to automatically separate them). Then move them in your CD burner and burn the CD.