Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #445 1/23/2019

Question: What is System Restore?


System Restore is a utility program included with Windows to correct Windows when something is installed and messes up Windows.

System Restore uses restore points. Many programs when they either install or update will automatically create a restore point before installing the program or update. The restore point keeps the settings that Windows had before the installation or update was done. These settings exist in the registry and in several other places in Windows.

By creating a restore point, the user then has the option after doing the update or installation to set the system back as it was before the installation was done if the installation or update messed up Windows.

The System Restore feature can be a very useful tool when installations or updates of programs (including Windows) messes up the computer and it no longer runs correctly. System Restore can be accesses from within Windows (in the Start menu in Windows Accessories) (in Windows 10 you have to type in System Restore in the search box and then you will have button for it in system properties) or when the Windows starts up. The second approach is useful if Windows won’t start now. You will be able to choose restore points to go back to, usually start at newest and then work backwards until you fix Windows.

You can also create a restore point at any time by going to System Restore in Windows Accessories in the Start menu or in Windows 10 you type in System Restore in the search box and then you will have button for it in system properties. If you are going to make changes to the machine this is a good thing to do. You could also every month or so when Windows running smoothly do a restore point.

System Restore is not a backup program. System Restore only makes copies of the settings on your machine and stores on the main hard drive. System Restore does not backup (make copies) of data or programs. That needs to be done differently.