Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #430 9/25/2018

Question: What is IoB?


You have probably heard of Internet of Things or IoT by now. A newer term is IoB. IoB is the Internet of Bodies.

Yes, many of us now have parts of our bodies on the Internet and are controlled thru it.

Devices that are implanted in your body that can connect to the Internet or to a network to be controlled are considered to be IoB devices. This moves us closer to bionic bodies

These devices currently are basically medical devices and include things like pace makers, hearing aid implants, insulin pumps, medication pumps and a number of other items. These devices can now be controlled wirelessly or by devices connected to them that are on the Internet.

There is concern in the cybersecurity and IT security community of ways to make these devices more secure from physical and cyber IT threats. Nothing has caused harm yet that has been reported but work is being done on security.

These devices are life saving devices to many people and make life more enjoyable for others however as a class of devices on and in our bodies need security also.