Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #43 1/27/2010

Question: Why can I not find stuff at Google?


Google is a search program that we use to find stuff on the Internet. There are other search programs such as Yahoo and Bing. There are also specialized search programs.

Google is constantly running little programs (called bots) that go looking all over the Internet for web pages. These are used to update their database of the web pages available on the Internet. People also send information to Google (or pay to send information) about their web sites.

Google does not know sometimes for weeks that new site is there or longer sometimes that a site either has been closed or has changed. This means their information I not always the latest. It is sorta like reading a magazine for the latest news; it is usually a week or 2 out of date.

However their method of maintaining the information usually keeps it reasonably current and makes an easy way for us to find sites.

There are others out there trying to invent the perfect search program and Google and the other are constantly improving theirs to be better. Google is the largest currently, but has not always been. Yahoo was THE search program at one time.

The different programs index the information differently and look for new sites differently. If you do not find what you are looking for in a search program try a different term or a different program. Searching for Dwight Watt in Google and Bing produces different but similar results.