Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #419 6/20/2018

Question: How do I stop pop-up notifications?


Recently a lot of us using Windows 10 have started being bothered by pop-up notifications about Windows and other products a lot in the bottom right corner of the screen. I discovered you can turn these off but the odd part is that when Windows does updates Microsoft has designed the updates to turn updates back on.

Microsoft turning them back on when updates occur is very un-consumer friendly and is irritating as in Windows 10 it does updates automatically and recently seems to do a lot more often updates that require it restarting Windows. It appears we will have to live with having to turn them back off regularly.

To turn notifications off, click the Start button. Then click the gear shaped tool on left that opens Control Panel (pop-up tool tip says tools). Then click System. Click Notifications and actions. Now lick the left side of sliders you do not want notifications from. Some of them turn off a whole bunch of others which means you will find some sliders already grayed out and that you cannot turn off or on as a higher level has blocked them. I chose to turn off everything. That will stop notifications

Then when Windows updates next time, just go back and follow these instructions again. I hope to update my technology articles on my webpage soon (www.dwightwatt.com) and you can find the article there then or searching in LinkedIn or on How to Use Technology Articles at Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WattTechArticles/) or looking at webpage of newspaper you are reading this in.