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Question: How can I put all administrative tasks in one folder?

In Vista and Windows 7 there is an ability to create a folder with a special name that people call godmode. Once this folder is created you have most if not all tasks to manage Windows in one location. Instead of having to look in administrative tools, control panel and other locations they are all in this one folder. Formatting disks, defragmenting, creating users, changing display properties, error checking and lots of others.

This process will work in Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit versions and in Vista 32 bit version. There is a glitch that appears sometimes in Windows Vista 64 bit version causing it to crash so i do not recommend trying it in that version.

To create this location you will create a new folder. The folder can be anywhere. I have tried it in the root folder of eth C drive and on the desktop. The easiest ways to create a new folder is either to right click where you want it to go and choose New and then Folder, or if you are in Windows Explorer look for New Folder in Windows 7 or click on Organize in Vista and choose New and then Folder. Once you create the folder the default name will be New Folder. You can slowly click twice on the name and it will be highlighted and you can then put in the new name. The new name is GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} You must type this whole name including the brackets. To make it easier I have put this article on my website (www.dwightwatt.com) on the articles page so you can just copy the name and paste it.

When you see the folder now you will notice the icon is no longer a folder but looks sorta like a control panel.

Click on the new folder and you will be amazed what all you find in it.

I learned about this feature last week in a British computer magazine.

Send me your questions about computers to me at the paper or to my e-mail dwight@dwightwatt.com and tell me you read this in the paper. I will pick a question to answer each week.

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