Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #408 2/28/2018

Question: Can I stop updates in Windows 10?


Originally Windows 10 would not let you change settings on Updates as they have it as a service now and want everyone to stay updated continuously with the latest updates.

However several problems have occurred. One is that about once to twice a year they have a large update (similar to version updates in the past) and they sometimes lock your machine either for an hour or more until it will actually turn off or when you turn it on they lock the machine for an hour or more. In both situations with continuous warnings do not interrupt or turn the PC off. Often when we turn on the computer we need immediate access to solve something and this was a major problem or sometimes you go to shut down at the end of the day and then remember an important computer chore.

In 2017 they changed Windows Updates to give the user more control.

To get to Windows Updates settings type updates in the search bar by the Start button and then choose in Settings, and choose Windows Update Settings.

You can change active hours to represent when you are on the computer and so that updates do not try running then and slow you down. My office computer active hours is 8-5, however my home computer active hours are set as 7pm-1am.

In Restart settings you can turn this feature on and you are saying when Windows should do re-boots (re-starts) that are necessary for updates. Then it will occur at the time you choose when not normally on machine, my office I set for 3am and home for 4am.

In advanced you can set for updates to be delayed a certain number of days and you can pause updates for a certain number of days.

If you have failure on a recent update there is also a retry button there. If the update failed several suggestions I have seen include. 1. Power off and on the machine, 2. Empty the recycle bin and also the temporary files in the temp folder in C drive.

Microsoft still makes you install updates, but is giving you a little more control when the updates install.