Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #404 1/17/2018

Question: What is the Internet of Everything?


The Internet of Everything or the Internet of Things is the where the Internet is headed now to having everything connected.

You will see it called both terms and sometimes Internet 2.0 although that term seems to have gone out of fashion.

With the Internet of Everything we are seeing almost everything we use in the world being connected to the Internet. We are also hearing more and more things in development that will be a part of the Internet such as driverless cars.

In the last couple years, you have seen many items you never thought of being on a network become part of the Internet. For instance, refrigerators, toasters, lights etc. quite often are now connected to the Internet and share information. Some refrigerators can tell you when you are low on milk, etc. to buy more. You have seen the ads on TV for security systems where you can lock your house (doors and windows using your phone at the ball park. Internet of Everything. Farmers now have sensors on their irrigation equipment that detects rainfall and turns the equipment on and off automatically to make sure crops just get right amount of moisture an not too much. Many new cars now have sensors in them to help you park and also to apply brakes when objects appearing.

Many people have watches that track their steps and send to their phone (or their phone does it) and that the phone then tells us are we staying in shape and what our pulse, etc. are.

There are unlimited places we can add an Internet connection to that then can either collect data or receive orders from other locations to do certain actions.