Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #400 11/29/2017

Question: What is Instagram?


Instagram is a social media site on the Internet that is used to post pictures and messages. Instagram is a newer social media site.

Instagram has similarities to Facebook and has differences. Both are used for pictures and messages. Facebook is more toward the messages. Instagram has its emphasis more toward pictures and videos and you can include messages with the pictures. You are more likely to use Instagram to just be posting pictures and telling about them, whereas people tell everything (many would say too much) on Facebook.

Facebook has gotten popular with all ages; however, you will find that Instagram is used more b young people. Instagram does not have the following of Facebook; however, it is integrated with Facebook now who bought it. However, they have kept Facebook and Instagram as separate products but it is easy to add your Facebook friends as your Instagram friends.

To load items to Instagram you must use a mobile device. Originally Instagram was written for the Apple phone and now it works on the Android phone also. You can view stuff at Instagram on your PC but to upload you must be on your phone. They limit you to 10 pictures or videos per post.

Instagram makes another excellent social media to use and connects you with some people who are either not on Facebook or do not follow their account on Facebook, bit stay active on Instagram.