Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #399 11/22/2017

Question: Should I open emails that say direct message from someone I know?


No. They are phishing/spam emails.

There is a new variety of emails floating on the Internet that are spam/phishing emails.  The subject line says direct message from some name (the name may be someone you know).  The message in the email appears to be from LinkedIn and says to click to read the message.  It includes the logo of LinkedIn.  If you hover over the link you will see they are to strange spots.

These are not real messages from someone you know and have not been sent by LinkedIn.  They are Phishing/Spam messages.  Do not click on the links in them as they may put malware including ransom ware on your machine and either lock your machine or steal your identity information and allow them to either empty your bank accounts or use your credit/debit cards.

Yahoo email is flagging them as spam and putting in the spam folder so users of Yahoo sponsored accounts should be safe.  Yahoo accounts include ones ending in yahoo.com, and a number of the old telephone companies such as my accounts with att.net bellsouth.net.

I do not know if Gmail and other providers are flagging these yet.