Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #398 11/22/2017

Question: What is a bread crumb trail?


Many web pages you use may contain a bread crumb trail.

The name bread crumb trail come from the term describing how ants and some other animals leave a trail to be able to return to their home location. It is also used in some fairy tales.

The bread crumb trail is usually at the top of the web page although it can appear at the bottom also. It shows the pages (as links) that lead back to the main page form the page you are currently viewing. That may or may not be the route you took to get to that page but it will take you back to the previous levels and ultimately to the top in the organization of the pages. That top page may be referred to as a main page or home page.

If I had bread crumbs set up on my web site (and I would like to add that code) then if you were looking at this page on my website the bread crumb trail would show the name or number of this article to the right as a link, then my articles page as a link to the left and then to the far left the link to my main page. If you were viewing this article and wanted to go back to my articles page to find another article you could click on the articles page link and if you wanted to go back to my main web page you would click that link.

The bread crumb trails can be real helpful in sites that have a whole bunch of layers of pages.