Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #397 11/15/2017

Question: What is a cookie on the PC?


Cookies are created by the different web pages you visit on the Internet. They are stored on your computer.

Cookies are small files that the web pages create that save information about what you browsed, and what you looked at the pages and information about you. Most cookies are only readable by the site that created them although they are not highly secure. Many cookies are written in formats that if you tried to open the files you would not be able to, however some cookies are in plain text and anyone that opens them can read them.

Cookies are how pages sometimes know what you previous looked at by the cookies. Cookies also allow web sites to make things more personalized for you.

You can block websites from storing cookies on your computer but some web sites will only operate if they can create and access cookies. Many web sites do not use cookies. If it is just an informational web site there are probably no cookies. If you enter information as look in a site such as choosing things to order there will be cookies. You can also remove cookies but you will find that where sites use to know what you are interested in that they no longer do. Also, if you have entered a password to get in a website and you remove cookies while in the website you will find you have to log back in to the site as the authorization approval was kept in a cookie.

You can remove your cookies when you clear your cache or when you do spyware searches to clean spyware. Many people op to keep the cookies (they are a low security risk now as most do not keep sensitive information anymore. They didnít keep that originally.)