Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #393 10/11/2017

Question: How do I hide addresses in an email?


Have you gotten emails with a ton of email addresses at the top that you had t scroll over to get to the message? Have you received spam messages that were addresses to you and appeared to be from a friend and had addresses of people you often email with? Have you ever wanted to copy someone on the email message and everyone else not know that you copied to that person?

If any of the above apply to you then the solution I will present now will help you. Use the BCC area of addresses when sending the email instead of the TO or CC. The TO and CC will always show in all the recipients emails.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy which is left over from the typewriter days. You are sending this copy of the email to the person and it is blind to all other recipients.

The TO box everyone knows where is when entering a message. Usually they know the CC is in that same area. There is a third box available in that same area called BCC. TO always shows when writing email. Depending on the system you are on the BCC and CC may or may not be visible. If they are not there will be a button or those letters in that area that when clicked on opens the BCC box.

You enter addresses in the BCC the same as you do in the TO box. Some systems require something in TO so most people including me put themselves in the TO box.

The reason this works with some spam is spammers get lists from all kinds of places including emails they get sent. If they get an email that my have been forwarded a couple times and they see your name and several others on the original they suspect those are good addresses and also that you know them and that when to those people and forged to look like from one of them you are likely to open the spam.

The BCC will make emails you send to large groups be friendlier for them, stump spammers and you donít have to give away who all the message went to.