Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #392 10/4/2017

Question: How do I know if a web site is secure?


If you are going to enter personal information on a web site you want to make sure it is a secure web site to keep your information safe.

Types of information that you only want to enter in secure web sites/connections include your social security number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, driver license number, passwords for financial web sites and other related information.

When you enter a web site \looking up at the top of the browser window will give you information if eth site is secure. In Edge and Internet Explorer look for a lock that is in the locked position on the right of the address bar. In Google Chrome, there is an explanation mark (!) in side a circle on the left side of the address bar. Click on the circle and at the top of eth drop down box you will be told if the site is secure. Another way on all browsers is look at the left of the address of the web page in the address box. If it starts with https:// then it is a secure site. If it starts with http:// (no s) then it is not secure.

If you see the site is secure what it is telling you is that the information sent from the site to the server is sent in encrypted form. By encryption we mean it has changed the data so no one recognizes it. The following is encrypted: fodszoufe mpplt tusbohf (that is actually “encrypted looks strange” in simple encryption where I switched each letter to next letter in alphabet). When the computer encrypts it uses much more difficult calculations and they are devising harder ones continuously.

Make sure it is a secure web site when you do enter personal information and also look at the beginning of the address after the https:// and make sure it is name of where you thought you were entering information.