Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #391 9/27/2017

Question: What is the Recycle Bin?


The Recycle Bin is a feature in Windows. It Is where most files go when you delete them

The Recycle Bin is like the recycle bin that many people have in their houses now besides trash cans. In the one in your house you put newspapers and paper and plastic and glass trash. The garbage goes in the garbage/trash can instead. Until the recycle bin is picked up by your garbage service or you take and dump at the recycling center, you can go in the recycle bin and get back a paper you did not mean to dispose of and it is most likely still in good shape. Once the material in the bin is hauled off the paper is gone.

The Recycle Bin in Windows works in a similar way. When you choose to delete a file in Windows it is put in the Recycle Bin. It then stays in the Recycle Bin until we empty the Recycle Bin (that is the choice in your right click menu on the Recycle Bin) or it becomes the oldest and the bin is full and it us permanently deleted. Until the file is permanently deleted or the Recycle Bin is emptied you can click on the Recycle Bin and look through it and find the file and select it and choose the option to restore it.

Once the file is permanently deleted then you cannot get it back through Windows. However, there are thirds party utilities that may be able to restore it, depending on whether it has been over written.

Some files are too big to fit in the Recycle Bin and when you delete them you will get an option to delete or not with a warning it will be permanently deleted.