Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #384 7/26/2017

Question: Are emails saying my login changed legitimate?


Generally, these are phishing emails and not legitimate emails.

I recently received an email from etrade that said my email logon address was changed at my request and gave my correct email address for old email address and had something that was distinctly not mine like same at greattrades.com. The message had a link to click if this change was not correct. I hovered over the link and it did not go to etrade but southernsethoney.com I did not click on it and you should not as it would either have been a phishing site to collect my personal information or would have dumped spy ware on my machine or both.

These are a different style phishing and have a legitimate look to them since show your email address in the email.

Be careful on these and think if seems true. If you are on a PC hover over links and see if true.

Enjoy the web but be cautious.