Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #383 6/28/2017

Question: What is Python?


Python is a computer programming language. The name of it comes from the Monty Pythonís Flying Circus movie that the language developers liked. It was originally developed in 1991

Python is a general-purpose language in that it can be used to write programs that do a large variety of stuff.

It is a readable language that does not require lots of syntax and punctuation. To me it compares in many ways to the original BASIC and FORTRAN languages. It can be used to develop scripts to use in security and networking, to develop programs to use different devices and to do mathematical and business programming. The Raspberry Pi microcomputers use Python as their internal language.

I took a class in Python this past week in Jacksonville FL and learned to program using Python in Windows and on the Raspberry Pi. With the lesser requirements on syntax and punctuation I think it would make aa good language for students to initially learn when learning how to design programs. The language has aa lot of power in it, while remaining simplistic.