Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #374 4/12/2017

Question: What are flowcharts and pseudocode?


Flowcharts and pseudocode are used to design computer programs. They are related to algorithms but different. Both show the steps on solving something. Algorithms are a way to see the full steps in solving a math type problem

Pseudocode and flowcharts are like blueprints for building buildings. They show the design and specifications to building a program from them to solve the problem on the computer. Both do the same thing but in different directions

Flowcharts are drawings that show the steps to solving the problem in a graphical type approach. It is a pictorial method. They use a variety of shapes to show different type processes. For instance, if information is being inputted or outputted we will use a sloping rectangle. To mark where the program starts and ends or stops we will use ovals.

Pseudo code has the steps written in an English like format that shows the steps. It does not require proper grammar just ability to state what to occur, often in fragments. It is showing the logic of the program in a form that reads like English.

Both formats work well, it is just the preference of the developer or their employer in what is used. Some people can see the solution better graphically and some look for words. Think of highway signs. Stop signs have a specific unique shape and color but also include the word stop. Some people recognize the shape quicker and some the word.