Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #365 1/25/2017

Question: What is the gig economy?


The gig economy is the way many jobs are changing as we have moved to an Internet connected world. No longer are jobs in a specific location and they are quite often temporary or part time. It is a gig economy as the possibilities opened a lot more with the gig Internet although began before gig Internet appeared. I was doing gig economy (before gig Internet) work fulltime from 2005-2007 as a consultant while working on computers in South Carolina and Georgia and teaching in colleges in South Carolina and Pennsylvania. All of it was more than fulltime but all I had was a bunch of part-time temporary jobs.

With positions related to the Internet such as building web sites, selling on the Internet, maintaining computer devices you do not need to work from a central location nd people are not needed full time permanent to do a job.

You could be in an organization developing things you sell via the Internet and when you need to get with others you can Skype, email, WebEx, phone, etc. them and all be in different locations. To take classes from a college or school you may not need to go to a physical class but meet with instructor and fellow students thru the Internet and submit assignments. The Instructor does not need to be in an office at the school but can do the work and communicate from anywhere. When I was in China in 2005 on a technical college trip I was still in contact with my students every day even though half way around the world.

If you develop web sites or list items on a web site to sell, you can do that from anywhere. Websites I develop and manage are done for organizations throughout Georgia and in South Carolina. If you need someone to work on the site, you may hire a person as a temporary part time employee to do the web site.

We all use Google and other search engines to find information we need daily which means not going to library or having an encyclopedia and dictionary at home as online. However, there is a need for libraries to still keep lots of information and organize it.

Many positions in the world are beginning to trend toward the gig economy, however it takes changes on employers and employees parts. Employees must show their self-discipline but niceness of working at home and employers must learn how to manage employees they do not physically see.

If you want your computer device fixed it is often not necessary to take it to a store but repair person can do via Internet or come to you or the repair person can work out of home.

As we move toward more done thru the Internet the gig economy will grow and where employees must be any given day will grow so our world will become smaller.

Thank you to Evelyn for the question.