Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #354 10/12/2016

Question: What language is used to write web pages?


Web pages are generally written using HTML as their primary language. HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language.

HTLM is what web pages were originally written in and continues today. We are now using version 5 of HTML or HTML5. If you see the extension (the last part of the name) of the web page file and it is HTM or HTML (not case sensitive) then that page is written basically in HTML

Pages can also be written in several of Microsoft’s language.

HTML pages may use other languages within the pages to do certain things. For instance, I have several pages that use PHP inside HTML to work better with databases. Java can also be used inside a web page as a scripting code or pages can be written in Java. JavaScript (which is a totally different language than Java) is used in lots of pages to do special effects.

However, most pages are still using HTML as their base and with HTML5 many features were added that used to require an add-on language so HTML is thriving.

Whether you write your own code or use a page generator like WordPress or Dreamweaver you will find the pages that were generated are HTML pages.