Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #344 7/13/2016

Question: What is virtual reality?


Virtual reality is an environment created by a computer that makes the environment a person experiences to not have to be related to the real environment

Virtual reality has been around a while now and is catching on real strongly now as games move to virtual reality

In virtual reality you will perceive that you are in a totally different environment that seems totally real to you although it is not real

Gaming has started doing a lot with virtual reality recently. By using special lenses and a head set the person playing the game will be in a 3-D virtual environment where everything occurring in the game seems real. Some setups for virtual reality has gloves also to get the sense of touch right

Virtual reality is not new, but has finally gotten to a 100% real feel using new camera technology including 4K. In the early 1990s when my students and I went to a computer show hey had a virtual reality race set up. There was a lot of resemblance to real world but it was not totally there. I remember I had trouble keeping by virtual car I was driving on the track. Those students still remind me of that and they had ridden to Atlanta with me driving.

With virtual reality the way things look and sounds sound must change just as in real world as we perceive from different ways. However, if the changes of resolution of pictures are not real appearing motion sickness can occur.

Virtual reality is used for virtual roller coasters, space training, medical training and many other places where you can experience something without actually doing it