Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #343 7/6/2016

Question: What are phishing phone calls?


There are a number of phishing phone calls occurring now. Phishing is pronounced as fishing and the actual is that someone is trying to catch something. In this case they are trying to get you to give them personal information that they can use to charge on your credit/debit card or to clean your bank account among other things. The calls can come in all types of forms but three seem most common.

The first is a call saying it is your bank or some other type financial service and they need your account number and password. Financial services and others do not need your password; they can get in all accounts. Several things to listen for. Not from a bank that you deal with. Second asking for personal information. Give them no information and hang up. If you do give personal information and realize then it is phishing call, hang up, call your bank and the police and report immediately.

The second is some type home repair service or computer repair service. In the case of the home repair service it is if you will give them your credit/debit card number they can do a really good deal for you. The computer one is similar but person calling claims he knows your computer has problems and wants the credit/debit card to fix. He or she does not have access to your computer so would not know. Do same as in first example.

The third is one I have had occur several times in last two weeks. I received a call from a private number and started off with this is so and so from a specific cable company. Problem right off that was red flag to me was that it was not company I have wireless with. It could also be a cable company. I immediately hung up. If I had kept talking, he would have wanted next my phone number probably (which he should have known) and password to my account and credit information. Do not give them any personal information. Proceed same as in first example.

Red flags will often be there if you listen. Wrong bank or phone company. Not having sound as professional and complete as official representatives would be. Asking for personal information. My policy is I hang up on all of these immediately. If these companies need me they have other ways to contact me and will not need personal information.