Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #336 5/18/2016

Question: What is Dropbox?


Dropbox is a program that allow you to share files across the Internet or to put files in Dropbox and then be able to access them anywhere. There are other programs such as Google Docs that do a similar approach.

For limited personal use Dropbox is available free. You get 2 gigabytes of space and can allow others to access your account. You decide who you are sharing with

You can get additional space by buying one of their business plans which run from $9.99 per month and up and give you 1 terabyte or more of space.

I use drop box to get files from one church I do their website. They put the files they want posted on the site in Dropbox and then I go in Dropbox and download the files. It makes an easy place to put and not to have to send over email.

I have considered using it as a way for students to send files to me that they need me to look at and help them with in their online classes

Dropbox also works well for doing collaborative work. If there is a document that several of you are working on you can put it in Dropbox and then everyone can open and do their changes to it as it sits in Dropbox. Dropbox will integrate with Microsoft Office and other programs.

Dropbox is available at www.dropbox.com