Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #334 5/4/2016

Question: Is Facebook going to start charging?


No, Facebook is not going to start charging users. There is a hoax post going around that says if you forward it then Facebook will not start charging. They are not going to charge and this is a chain post like chain emails or chain letters.

There are also rumors on posts that Facebook is going to shutdown inactive accounts and to make sure yours is not to post the message. Again this is a hoax and a chain post. Facebook has no intentions to shut accounts down for inactivity. They even added a feature in last year for pages of people who die to convert in to memorial sites forever. This is not the case with all internet content providers. Yahoo began about a year ago shutting down email accounts that had not been logged in since at least a year or more. They say they were running out of names and I know a few accounts that were deleted. Google has not announced any such thing also.

As a warning if you get emails or Facebook posts asking for account numbers or passwords do not answer them and give that information. The same goes for phone calls. Legitimate organizations will not ask for information this way. If you called them they may need part of an account number to verify you, but not whole number. The IRS will ask for information only by postal mail. The IRS will not call you and tell you to go get a cash card and send them to day or you go to jail tomorrow.

For more information on what Facebook will not do and will do go to https://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook/pass-it-on/7830237130/ Using Google you can find newer articles saying the same thing.

Be carefully on the Internet. E-mail and Facebook are great tools and great ways for us to keep up with friends but unfortunately the bad people are there to. Stay alert just as you must when you are out in public.