Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #302 8/5/2015

Question: What is WiFi Sense?


WiFi Sense is a new feature in Windows 10. Windows 10 is now being distributed by Microsoft and they say it may be days or weeks after July 29, 2015 before everyone gets upgrade.

WiFi sense is a new feature that is included with Windows 10 that makes it easier for you to allow friends to use your WiFi/wireless connection. In the past if you were going to allow others to use your wireless signal (and it was secured as it should be) you had to tell them the password. It ought to be a different password than what you use elsewhere, but in real-life people use same password. So you were telling a password that then allowed them to get in accounts.

WiFi Sense if activated by the user keeps you from having to share a password as it allows anyone who is in your Outlook address book, all your Facebook friends and Skype contacts. That makes it easy for them to attach to your wireless network.

The problem with WiFi Sense is that you may not want to allow everyone that is on one of those lists access to your wireless network. You may well have contacts in your Outlook address book that you just formally communicate with and do not get along with. Same fro friends on Facebook, Facebook may call them friends but that as close as you would allow them to be friends.

WiFi Sense des not offer any middle ground. It is all of those friends/contacts or none. There are security concerns by some as they will be inside your network and easier to then get in your machine and steal information.

I suspect WiFi Sense will not be used by much or adult population but may find a following in teenage population. When the first Service Pack comes out for Windows 10, hopefully Microsoft will give more controls on it.