Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #293 5/13/2015

Question: How do I remove programs from my computer?


Removing programs from your computer is relatively easy. You may want to remove programs that came with a new computer that you will not use, such as an anti-virus program when you are going to use a free one, sample programs that re often time limited (also called time bombed) such as Microsoft Office starter, and others. You may also want to remove programs that you no longer use or no longer have a license to use.

You do not want to just go to the folder where the executable file (.exe) is and delete that. That will leave lots of other files it uses on your machine and a lot of registry entries fro that program.

You want to go to Control Panel (in Windows 7 and before that is found on the right side of the Start menu) and in Windows 8 when you go to the upper right corner or lower right corner of the screen a list of options slides in. Choose settings and then you can choose control pane). Then look on the list on the left and at bottom you will see Programs and subset call uninstall programs. If you show icons in Control Panel look for programs and features and you get to same place. Then find the program in the list and either right click and choose to uninstall or choose program and look above list and there is a button for uninstall. Then follow the directions and the program is removed from your machine. Different programs have different final steps to do.