Dwight Watt - Newspaper article #29 10/14/2009

Question: My ball style mouse is bouncy, how do I get it smooth again?


A bouncy ball type mouse is usually the result of the rollers being dirty. They are relatively easy to clean.

Turn the mouse over on its back. Then remove the cover that holds the ball in, by turning the cover in the direction shown. It should be initially hard to turn and then will turn about half a turn and the cover lifts off. The ball will now come out, which looks like a little Superball.

Depending on the mouse there may be several long horizontal rollers and a small vertical roller or different combinations. The rollers should be smooth and clean looking, not look like a narrow band around them. The bands you will see are dirt.

You want to clean the bands off the rollers. You will have a small flat object and run against them and the band will beak up. You will want to turn the rollers while doing. I usually use my fingernail to do this, but a small flathead screw driver or similar object will work. Once you have scrapped off all the dirt, turn the mouse over and gently shake the loose dirt out.

Now put the ball back in, put the cover back on and try your clean mouse. Most likely you will think you got a new mouse.

If you have a laser mouse the only cleaning they occasional need is to wipe the dirt pileups on the plastic pieces it glides on, and you can scrape it off similarly.

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