Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #288 3/25/2015

Question: Does Windows 8 have different Internet Explorer?


In Windows 8 there are two versions of Internet Explorer (IE).

The first version of internet Explorer works just like the previous versions of Internet Explorer and is available by going to the desktop of Windows 8 (or 8.1). It is fully backward compatible with pages written in older versions of languages.

The second version of Internet Explorer in Windows 8 is available on the Metro interface (the default are where you start Windows 8 to and has tiles and looks like a tablet or phone in appearance) and it is a newer version of Internet Explorer. I have heard of a number of web pages not working correctly in this version of Internet Explorer. They look essentially the same.

If a webpage does not operate correctly in the Metro version of Internet explorer then you can do a couple things. First is go to the desktop and start Internet Explorer there. The second is to use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox. On Windows 7 I cannot use Internet Explorer for a few web pages as they do not work correctly, but when I open them in Chrome they are fine.

Windows 10 will begin dropping Internet Explorer. The main browser that will be supplied with it is a new browser that many will find looks more like Chrome or Firefox. The new browser has not been permanently named yet, but is called Spartan while in development. Internet Explorer will still be available but will be de-emphasized as they discontinue it. Internet Explorer will still be available for pages that do not work correctly in Spartan