Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #283 2/18/2015

Question: What is WordPress?


WordPress is a program that is used to build blogs and websites. Blogs are sites where people post their comments about different issues. You can find blogs by all kinds of people on all kinds of subjects. A couple years ago when I traveled out west for a month I had a blog where I wrote each day about where I went. http://dwighttravelwest2011.blogspot.com/

WordPress is considered a content management system (CMS) as you basically do not write your web pages but insert items in pre-defined areas. There are lots of themes available for WordPress that give you a pre-defined model of your website/blog. You can find free themes and also buy themes. You do not need to know HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to create pages in WordPress, but you can use HTML to get the site to change some.

Most Webhosting sites include WordPress with them and let you do a certain number of sites in your hosting area using WordPress.

Users still use your domain name to go to your site and you still specify with your domain name where the site is actually located.

WordPress thrives best in creating basic sites that people want to be able to post various comments out there. I created a website for the Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis Governor using WordPress as he does not want to know HTML but wants to be able to post and update his schedule himself and to post notes about things happening in the district.

If you want to get a website with basic information about yourself but do not want to learn HTML or have to look at HTML but just put the information in, then WordPress is something to look at.

There are other CMS that do similar to WordPress that include DruPal, Joomla! And others. I have only used WordPress. I normally develop my websites in HTML from scratch. Google has blogspot.com as a prebuilt blog location that is available free also fro blogs. I have a couple blogs there