Dwight Watt - Newspaper Article #282 2/11/2015

Question: What is Task Manager?


Task manager is a program that is included with Windows that allows you to manage the programs and services that are running. Most often Task Manager is used to stop or end programs that have become unresponsive or locked up. You can also do the same for services and processes (parts of programs) and monitor the usage of the memory, CPU and networking

To start Task Manager you will do ALT+CTRL +Del and get screen where you can lock your PC, log off or start Task Manager. After choosing Task Manager the program will start and you will be back in Windows.

The first scree shows the programs running and by choosing one on list you can either switch to it (easier way is not to do Task Manager but instead do ALT+tab) or you can tell Windows to end the program. Most of the time you will get another box asking if you want to end the program immediately. The Processes tab shows all processes running. Processes are parts of programs running or support programs. Be careful ending processes as it may end a program you do not expect to end.

Services are programs that are part of Windows that do specific task or support programs or devices. Services are called daemons in LINUX/UNIX.

The Performance tab shows memory and CPU usage. You can watch your machine use more memory and CPU to do certain programs. If it always stays real high either you need more memory or faster CPU or you have malware (spyware/viruses) on your machine. Check malware first.

You can also see how much of networking being used.

If you do not see the tabs or menu to close Task Manager then double click the bar at top and rest of stuff will appear.

Task Manager is a good tool to help manage your computer included free in Windows.