Dwight Watt - Newspaper article #27 9/30/2009

Question: How do I find a file/document that I lost on my PC?


If the file/document was one of the last you used in Word or another program, then go back to that program and open the file/document from the recent list, which is usually at the bottom of your File menu. The do the SAVE AS option but don't click the SAVE or OK button yet. Look in the address bar at the top of the SAVE AS box and do the pull down arrow and you can determine where the file/document was saved.

If you are looking for a file/document not used in a while the SEARCH function on the START menu will assist you. Choose Search in XP and choose to look in Files and Folders. Windows Vista and 7 use the box below ALL PROGRAMS in the START menu. Then in all three versions type in the name of eth file or words or characters in the name or in the file/document. The more precise the better or you may get too many results. Click Search or OK or the magnifying glass and you will get a list back. It may take a minute or two to do the search. If you see the file listed you can both open the file from here and also see the location.

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